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US T-Mobile Galaxy Tab hacked to make calls

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most anticipated and most popular tablets. Running the latest OS and packed with a wide variety of apps, the Galaxy Tab sure looks good.

Of late, a move by Samsung has eliminated the option of making phone calls from all Galaxy Tab devices destined for the US market. While Galaxy Tab pieces built in Europe and elsewhere came with no such restrictions on either outgoing or incoming calls, American users were denied the luxury of making calls from their Galaxy Tab tablets.

However, the call barring feature imposed by Samsung has hacked by the developers at XDA. This means that the T-Mobile USA variant of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices too can be used for making phone calls.

But as with any unofficial and under-the-radar improvisation, the Galaxy Tab unlocking procedure is bit tricky and thus caution must be used. If you plan to unlock your device be sure to create a full backup first.



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