GSM Association to embed SIMs by 2012

GSM Association to embed SIMs by 2012


Just when you thought that the GSM sphere is done with its share of new concepts, the GSM Assocation is back with a brand new idea. Recent news indicates that the GSMA is seriously considering the implementation of embedded SIM cards. Basically, an embedded SIM card can be remotely activated using either a phone or even a music player or camera, if the latter devices support GSM SIM cards.

GSMA also claims they are pooling together a group of ‘technical experts’ who are at ease with every major telecom operator around the world. These ‘experts’, shall assess the pulse of the market for the embedded SIM cards. The assessment is due to begin in January 2011 and the launch of embedded SIM cards, if everything goes as planned by GSMA, shall be in 2012.

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