Fivepoint conductive fingertip gloves for cold winter touchscreen tapping

If you’re not one to be caught perverting your capacitive touchscreen device with a sausage, perhaps these magic finger gloves would be more “proper.”  If you dont see snow outside, you probably wont need these.  The Fivepoint gloves are made of 95% pure wool and 5% mixed fibers to keep your fingers warm while tapping on your favorite touchscreen device in the cold winter months.  The real technology lies inside the conductive fingertips.  Etre, a company from some god forsaken land of frozen fingers (UK) just as where I am now, is selling them.  Whether it be for an iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, so long as the screen is capacitive, you’ll want the Fivepoints.  Shipping in “Oxford Blue with Grey fingertips” with “more styles coming soon!” the Fivepoint conductive fingertip gloves are £24.99 GBP (about $40 USD).

[Etre Store]

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