iOS 4.2 developers experience Wi-Fi issues, iPad update delayed

apple-ipad11-300x300 iOS 4.2 developers experience Wi-Fi issues, iPad update delayedThe iOS 4.2 release we were expecting to roll out today for the iPad has hit a wall. According to developers on Apple’s own discussion boards, there has been Wi-Fi connectivity issues where a 4.2 iPad would disconnect or not connect at all to the Internet after establishing a connection. No Internet on the iPad is a bad thing.

As far as AirPrint is concerned (Apple’s wireless printing for iPad) we still have no news on that, as the Mac OS X 10.6.5 update had no support for it. If we’re to see an AirPrint option, it wouldn’t be until 10.6.6, and that could be quite some time from now.

4.2 Wi-Fi issues should be patched by next week, allowing for another week of testing and a release in the final week of November. Still as promised in the month of November, just not as soon as we’d all like. MacStories has provided a video of the issue in action, or if you’re a dev you have probably already seen this for yourself.

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