iOS 4.2 developers experience Wi-Fi issues, iPad update delayed

The iOS 4.2 release we were expecting to roll out today for the iPad has hit a wall. According to developers on Apple’s own discussion boards, there has been Wi-Fi connectivity issues where a 4.2 iPad would disconnect or not connect at all to the Internet after establishing a connection. No Internet on the iPad is a bad thing.

As far as AirPrint is concerned (Apple’s wireless printing for iPad) we still have no news on that, as the Mac OS X 10.6.5 update had no support for it. If we’re to see an AirPrint option, it wouldn’t be until 10.6.6, and that could be quite some time from now.

4.2 Wi-Fi issues should be patched by next week, allowing for another week of testing and a release in the final week of November. Still as promised in the month of November, just not as soon as we’d all like. MacStories has provided a video of the issue in action, or if you’re a dev you have probably already seen this for yourself.

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  1. stitch says:

    Am I the only one ?? Since the update, my iPad won’t play videos smoothly at all. Seems the streaming is way too slow now, plays for 20 seconds, then stops to catch up … over and over again. I do not remember this issue before.

  2. mgitsme says:

    I just made the update and now my screen lock is locking my volume and not my screen.

  3. This sucks on Apples behalf. Somebody is sitting on their butts not doing the job correctly. You brag about how many iPads you sold & can’t come up with a damn update that is strongly needed? Smack!

  4. Sarah says:

    Why didn’t they find this when they tested it? What were they testing?

    This is inexcusable!

    • brett says:

      that’s kinda what they were doing when they found the problem. app developers were testing. that’s why they call it a GM seed and not the final release because they to complete the release testing.

  5. brett says:

    It appears someone has been actively updating the Wikipedia page for iOS Version History. Yesterday morning it showed the iOS 4.2 release date as November 12, 2010. Sometime last evening it was changed to November, 2010. Now this morning it is showing November 24, 2010. Looks like iOS 4.2 will be released late November. Here’s the page for reference:

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