NES Cartridge modded as wireless router, exterior sticker and all


nes-wifi-cartridge NES Cartridge modded as wireless router, exterior sticker and all

The Nintendo gaming system has won fans all over the world with its amazing capabilities. The uniqueness of the games and novelty of the machine makes the NES a must have for every true video game aficionado. If you like to do your own hack jobs and fabricate unique looking products then you should definitely have a look at the NES cartridge wireless router.

According to a recent DIY project, you can easily create a wireless router out from a spare NES cartridge. Yes, however unbelievable it may sound, the news is actually true. Recently, one of the true tech-hackers built his very own NES wireless router and released the pictures over the internet.  According to the Unconventional Hacker, you can actually fit in a Belkin wireless router into one of the spare NES gaming cartridges. It’s not very difficult. In the first step you will have to disassemble the cartridge . Then you will have to go ahead and disassemble the wireless router and then you will simply have to swap the two boards. The hard part is when you will have to re-solder a couple of capacitors on the Belkin wireless router to fit it into the NES cartridge perfectly.  The soldering job should be done very carefully, or else you may be left with a malfunctioning wireless router.  After you have fitted the wireless router into the NES board, put it back together just like before and voila! You have your very own NES wireless router. Now you have the bragging rights to the coolest set of hardware that will trump all your friends.

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