iPod nano watch done right with silicone Hex strap


hex-nano-add-1-700x466  iPod nano watch done right with silicone Hex strap

The current generation iPod nano is pretty small. It’s so small that people have cleverly converted it into a wearable watch. The first attempt was an ugly nylon strap, but this new band from Hex seems to scream out a little more geek chic.

Instead of a crappy nylon strap, the $24.95 Hex band is made from what appears to be a silicone material, similar to the rubbery cases that you might buy to protect your cell phone (or MP3 player, as the case may be). Hex is offering it in a number of different colors and, depending on your fashion sense, it may not look all that terrible.

I probably wouldn’t do this myself, but then again, I haven’t worn a Timex Ironman watch in over a decade. It’s not for everyone, but it is an interesting idea. You can even snake the headphone cord through your sleeve for some semi-stealth musical enjoyment… but you’ll still stick out from the crowd with your touchscreen iPod watch.

SOURCE: Giz via Hex

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