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Was a time traveler talking on a cell phone caught in a 1928 film?

Bullshit or not. George Clarke was watching a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film and spotted what he believed was a hefty woman, perhaps a man, talking on a cell phone while walking out of the circus. Now, hold up, as crazy as this sounds, the YouTube videos trying to debunk it are even crazier.

Clarke claims that the thin black bar is held the same way cellphones are held today, and that the man or woman is walking and talking, then looking at the camera. So how can it be? Was this video editing at its finest? Possibly. Was it a holodeck projection from showing only a 75% transmission of a human being from the year 2059? Probably not. Was it even a 1920s vacuum tube hearing aid? Maybe, if the suspected time traveler was in fact a crazy lunatic.  But you know what? The man has that scattered, disconnected type of mannerism that most people have while walking and talking on a phone. They even stop and look around to get a hold of their bearing as many people do when they walk and talk.  If it was indeed a man from the future, what would be the most inconspicuous disguise for that era? And how could they have a cellphone connection? Assuming we can even grasp how they could have traveled back in time.



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  1. My mom and I have come to the conclusion that he/she may have like a box that serves as a hearing device. Perhaps the person is practicing lines for a play or movie of some kind…

  2. Hi. I think its may be true. when a human can travelling between Time, then why the signals cant be time-travelling?
    so it’s may be true.

  3. Don`t think it was a cell phone…. The black shaped object… seems more like a shadow casted by the light and her hand. At the last second of her `scene`she changes her hand shape a little, which does not look like she is holding a cell phone anymore. That is just what I think… However, it would be so cool if it was a time traveler.

  4. Don’t rule anything out, but I KNOW they DID NOT have any hearing aid device as small as a cell phone, or ANY audio recording device as small as a cell phone in the 1920’s. They did have these items, but WERE VERY LARGE AND BULKY. THEY WERE NOT THAT SMALL.

    Another thing. If time travelers were among us, and did live among us, they would NOT tell us they are here with us. Reason is so time doesn’t get changed dramatically. Imagine if we all knew they were here, then we would go OMFG THEY ARE HERE, and events would change a lot.

    It also could have been extraterrestrials, which most likely live among us. Now I am a believer in God, but I do not believe god restricts us from time travel and extraterrestrials. I don’t see us being alive today with all the massive and destructive weapons by just being “cool.” Humans will get mad and kill others, even if it takes an extreme. Only thing to stop them is a limitation, which could be extraterrestrials, and maybe time travelers who go back to view an event happening, or just try to change something.

  5. well time will telll forgive me but ifyou seek enough sometimes you might find what your looking for keep an open mind ! You never know ! ! !

  6. Well maybe in the future there is no need for cell towers.

  7. I like the idea of a futuristic drag queen (obviously incognito to ensure most 1928 public would stay away from her!). Also, it’s obviously post cell tower technology, Jake. Think those towers will be around forever? No way.

  8. She was looking at the ground when she was talking. Not at the man

  9. the purse idea is bullshit. If she were trying to hide her face then she would have had the wallet in front of her face. It was up to her ear, and she even stops at one moment. If she were trying to hide herself from the camera because she was chewing out her husband, three things wouldve happened differently. First, she would have noticed the camera and brought the so called “purse” up to her face in frame. Secondly, she wouldn’t have stopped walking right in front of the camera if she was “aggressively chewing him out”, primarily because she didnt want to be seen on camera pitching a fit, and she wouldn’t have turned towards the camera and let out a small laugh, much like anyone does when theyre on a cell phone. Thirdly, she would’ve been holding the wallet in front of her face, not up to her ear.

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