WSJ poll asked ‘Who makes best mobile OS?’ somehow Microsoft took the lead

The Wall Street Journal have created a poll asking readers “Who makes the best mobile operating system?” The question has received some coverage, and its interesting that Microsoft went from 3.3% to over 46% over the weekend alone. Over 27,000 readers have voted, meaning some how Microsoft got overly famous by 11,000+ votes being cast in their favor in as little as two days. That seams a little suspicious to me.

Phandroid points out: “Either there are a lot of old folks who forgot their spectacles and overlooked the word “mobile”, someone is voting with proxies to make the poll seem like a complete farce, or WSJ readers are just plain dumb.”

Who knows what really happened? I’m not buying this poll at all.

Updated 26/10/2010: Now it looks like Android is in the lead with over 1,000,000 votes.  I guess Google showed Microsoft who has more proxies.

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  1. dastopher says:

    Oh excuse me, it was 800,000, not 200,000.

  2. dastopher says:

    Lol! I find it highly amusing that Android went from 10588 votes to over 200,000! Suspicious? Noooooooo.

  3. This poll is accurate-if the question was “What is the favorite mobile OS of people who live in trailers?”

  4. Mulli says:

    If the poll would have ended heavily biased towards Apple no one would have said a thing.

  5. realist says:

    Take the poll down. MIcrosoft shills and their paid “social agencies” have ruined it. That’s what happends when you have 300M for marketing a crap product.

  6. Morgan3rd says:

    I voted for microsoft partly so it will get more exposure. Sights like wmpoweruser posted this sight and encouraged its readers to vote. There are a lot of very active microsoft loyalists. And there is a lot of excitment about windows phone 7. Don’t be so surprised people like new things and competition.

    • admin says:

      Hi Morgan3rd. That type of activity of defeats the entire purpose of having a poll, since now its heavily biased towards one organization.

    • @admin: In the modern age of mass media and mass communication, polls tend to represent populations. So sites SHOULD encourage their communities to vote IF they agree. I happen to own a MS phone, but would have voted for Android over MS. It’s up to communities to make sure that they are represented and it’s up to individuals to vote what they think… I happen to agree with the article posted, there is NO way that the current MS mobile OS even competes with Apple and Android.

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