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WSJ poll asked ‘Who makes best mobile OS?’ somehow Microsoft took the lead

The Wall Street Journal have created a poll asking readers “Who makes the best mobile operating system?” The question has received some coverage, and its interesting that Microsoft went from 3.3% to over 46% over the weekend alone. Over 27,000 readers have voted, meaning some how Microsoft got overly famous by 11,000+ votes being cast in their favor in as little as two days. That seams a little suspicious to me.

Phandroid points out: “Either there are a lot of old folks who forgot their spectacles and overlooked the word “mobile”, someone is voting with proxies to make the poll seem like a complete farce, or WSJ readers are just plain dumb.”

Who knows what really happened? I’m not buying this poll at all.

Updated 26/10/2010: Now it looks like Android is in the lead with over 1,000,000 votes.  I guess Google showed Microsoft who has more proxies.



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  1. Oh excuse me, it was 800,000, not 200,000.

  2. Lol! I find it highly amusing that Android went from 10588 votes to over 200,000! Suspicious? Noooooooo.

  3. This poll is accurate-if the question was “What is the favorite mobile OS of people who live in trailers?”

  4. If the poll would have ended heavily biased towards Apple no one would have said a thing.

  5. Take the poll down. MIcrosoft shills and their paid “social agencies” have ruined it. That’s what happends when you have 300M for marketing a crap product.

  6. I voted for microsoft partly so it will get more exposure. Sights like wmpoweruser posted this sight and encouraged its readers to vote. There are a lot of very active microsoft loyalists. And there is a lot of excitment about windows phone 7. Don’t be so surprised people like new things and competition.

    • Hi Morgan3rd. That type of activity of defeats the entire purpose of having a poll, since now its heavily biased towards one organization.

      • @admin: In the modern age of mass media and mass communication, polls tend to represent populations. So sites SHOULD encourage their communities to vote IF they agree. I happen to own a MS phone, but would have voted for Android over MS. It’s up to communities to make sure that they are represented and it’s up to individuals to vote what they think… I happen to agree with the article posted, there is NO way that the current MS mobile OS even competes with Apple and Android.

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