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Official: Every Samsung Galaxy S to get Froyo update November

The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is only now showing up at Rogers Canada, despite the platform being available on all four major carriers in the United States for some time. It seems that an update is finally coming down the chute in a cool frosty flavor. Want to taste some Froyo?

Android 2.2 Froyo is being pushed out to “all carriers” in November and this is coming directly from the horse’s mouth. As it stands, Nordic countries already have 2.2 and the UK will be getting it in early November.

As far as the United States — which would probably include the Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G and Fascinate varieties — the Android update is likely being slated toward the end of the November, which is the time that they’re calling for “all operator versions” of the phone.

I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet, but you can probably stop holding it. HTC to follow next?

New Android 2.2 Upgrade Announced for Samsung Galaxy S

Latest Platform upgrade provides enhanced experience on the go

LONDON , UK – October 21, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announces the Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S, giving users access to new features, enhanced navigation applications and improved, faster performance.

The super-slim Galaxy S is an award winning ultra-lightweight large screen Android smartphone. The Galaxy S features an incredible 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a super-fast 1 GHz application processor, for an intelligent, immersive and integrated mobile experience. The Samsung Galaxy S has led the Android smartphone market since its UK launch this summer.

The Android 2.2 upgrade enhances the great experience of the Galaxy S, making even more of the processor speed, and the exclusive Super AMOLED screen.

The key benefits include:

  • Improved browser performance: enhances browsing, navigation and the ‘pinch and zoom’ feature
  • Enhanced user interface adding vivid colours and features to the android menu structure
  • Google Maps with Navigation: A GPS navigation system with voice guidance for a turn-by-turn navigation
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1: the latest Flash Player for viewing video content
  • Enhanced user experience including message editing and the ability to save applications to memory card
  • Search in-browser: Google™, Translate, Wikipedia, Dictionary

Getting the upgrade
The Android 2.2 upgrade, will be available via Kies, Samsung’s in-house software upgrade programme. Samsung has developed a brand new version of Kies which will be issued to make the upgrade experience as smooth as possible. The new version of Kies will be downloadable from www.samsungmobile.co.uk

Samsung will also be publishing video tutorials on how to upgrade, providing a step-by-step guide to the simple download process.

The Android 2.2 software is being fully tested with UK operators and the upgrade will be available in the UK from early November. We expect all operator versions of the software to be fully tested and downloadable by the end of November.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland, comments; ‘Samsung are committed to providing our customers with the best possible mobile experience, and this upgrade enhances the incredible features of the Galaxy S handset. We also want the upgrade process to be simple and hassle-free for customers, hence the new version of our Kies software and the step-by-step video guides.’



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  1. Just got the text that I can DL official Froyo from the market for my Captivate. March 18, 2011. FINALLY. Of course, I’ve had a leaked Froyo for months, but still…

  2. As much as it pains me to admit…I am now wishing I had just gotten an iPhone like my wife’s. She hasn’t had the gps bugs or software update issues that I see with the combination of Android, Samsung, and AT&T. At least with Apple’s iron handed business practices, AT&T doesn’t get to screw it up too much…

    Can’t sync the freakin phone with my PC for seamless backups, gotta go to a different mode just to sync??? GPS is buggy. Touchwiz blows. And it now appears I am going to be 2 OS releases behind on an expensive top of the line phone purchased in October. This sucks….

  3. I’ve been doing business with Sprint for 5 years now and I love the service! As of late (with all the Android commercials) I’ve really been thinking about upgrading my phone and after doing alot of research on Phones none has gotten my attention like The Android 2.2 Froyo … I gotta have it when will it be in Detroit sprint stores?

  4. I cannot wait to get an android Galaxy S phone. My eye has been on the Epic for months. I am super excited to get it now since it is going to have Froyo on it!!! Thanks for the post.

  5. Ok, it’s 12/22 and no “official” Froyo yet. Anyone else hate AT&T as much as I do?

    • Cappysw10, I think your mad at the wrong people, Samsung is the the company holding out on us. I have a couple of other android phones from AT&T 1 of them does has the froyo update on it, but I like Captivate way better. My roommate has the Samsung Fascinate with verizon & it doesn’t have the froyo yet. I have given up on Samsung for an update, I’m rooting my phone & getting froyo that way.

    • I have to agree that AT&T’s silence and slow motion in bring the 2.2 upgrade to the Captivate has been painful. I love everything about my Captivate except that its support for voice commands doesn’t work over Bluetooth. That shoots the “hands free” idea in the foot.

      AT&T’s sluggishness reminds me of Microsoft’s ineptness with the Windows Mobile platform – the very reason I’m using an Android device now.

      Come on AT&T – get your head out of your butt and give your customers what they want! You were willing to sell the Captivate at a premium price, now give us premium support for it.

  6. samsung galaxy 3 with Froyo – installation steps, files and screenshots
    here you go > http://ok-interesting.blogspot.com/2010/12/samsung-galaxy-3-froyo.html

  7. It is looking more like the Samsung Galaxy S has hardware issues, and Froyo is not fixing them. Samsung are lying bastards.

  8. I so badly wish I had researched Samsung’s lousy android support, before I got their phones. Hardware wise they are good phones, but the completely un-professional way they have handled the firmware 2.1 to 2.2 Froyo upgrade should server a “case study” in how to screw up and turn off your customers. You have to wonder if anyone is even in charge at Samsung.

    Dropped deadlines, broken promises, support staff who are absolutely clueless, and an incomplete OS (just try to copy/paste out of an email) is maddening.

    Now add ATT to the mix and you get a royal SNAFU. I wonder how many of 6,000,000 users would gladly dump them if they weren’t tied to a two year contract.

  9. Finally upgraded my Galaxy S with froyo via Kies. Upgrade was smooth but am a bit disappointed by the performance. The phone is more laggy and becomes unresponsive at times. It’s a total waste…

  10. FrustratedWithSamsung

    Screw Samsung and there lies – first they lied about getting Froyo in October – did the bait & Switch crap with the update for GPS (Joke) instead – now they lie again about Froyo for US “By the end of November” Where the Phuck is my Froyo Samsung? Huh? It’s freaking December 6th . . . .

    oh and Flying the official Nexus logo on your hardware *Rolls eyes*

    Seriously Google – you should have stuck with HTC for the Next Nexus Flagship . . . . .

  11. As a U.S. AT&T user who’s eligible to upgrade, it continues to be maddening that the seemingly, currently best hardware choice seems to have the worst software update cycle.
    The Galaxy S specs out great, but it makes one hesitant to commit to 2 years when other top of the line Android Phones, and Carriers, have had 2.2 for MONTHS.
    2 years in a LONG commitment, and with 2.3 imminent, and rumors rife of 1.3ghz processors and other hardware advances, I’m on the sidelines waiting for more clarity of Hardware choices and Carrier value.

  12. Woohoo. It’s Dec 2nd and I’ve gotten my froyo update on my galaxy s captivate through at&t in the US… That’s what I WOULD be saying had the froyo update come out at the vague “end of November” release date. This cold weather makes me not even want froyo anymore. I’m in the mood for gingerbread.

  13. dont bellive it. it is now the last day of november and ther is no sign of the froyo update in united states does anyone know if there is a way to check by SN#

  14. I’ll believe it when I see it

  15. Wanna bet it’s well past Christmas before this gets pushed in US?

  16. auto updated kies yesterday. Plugged in for a recharge on my Galaxy and auto updated to Froyo no problems at all. And it’s fast! (uk) on Orange.

  17. I want the update so I can actually develop flash apps and get the new flash player… why can’t they unbundle that and release that seperately?

  18. This is ridicululous! Tip to SAMSUNG…come through when you promise something in October.

  19. Sept…Oct…now November. I’ll believe it when i see it!

  20. Bout darn time… End of November seems like an eternity but ehhhh wat can ya do? Can’t wait.

  21. I have worked in the mobile marketing industry, and the main reason for the delay of 2.2, can be blamed for Google’s marketing practices setting themselves as open-source to the carriers. Now I really am an advocate of the open-source community, but it is the way Google set all this up (which they realize their error and put out a statement that any updates will be more organized). See people, Froyo has been released for about five to six months now. Remember Nexus One? The Android 2.2 OS was first released to the hardware vendors to tweak and optimize the OS for the phone’s hardware. Then it is given to the cell phone carriers, of which they need to add their branding, bloatware, and also service limitations. Service limitations? To limit services that which the OS was built to do, like T-Mobile’s G2 can not do WiFi tethering, even though it is in 2.2. This service limitations is from the carriers. Again, remember how fast the Nexus One received 2.2??? It is because the phone didn’t have all the RED-TAPE attached to it. You had to purchase a Nexus One direct from Google. So, you would need to blame Google’s marketing plan to give the carriers their freedom for the sloooowness of updates. A good example of the exact opposite is Microsoft’s mobile OS. Since Microsoft is CLOSED source, there were much limitations given to the hardware vendors and cell carriers, that when any updates were sent out from Microsoft, it was usually given to he masses immediately.

    • What you say is true, but in the case of the Galaxy S phones, I think the delay is due to the hardware being buggy.

      It seems, all the Galaxy S variants have issues with their GPS. The majority of them can’t get a lock, and if they do, the accuracy is just off. Samsung has been saying they will “Optimize” the GPS, not fix it. Sam has put out a few updates to Optimize the GPS, but none have truly worked. They’ve also been telling people that with the Froyo release, the GPS will be Optimized….

      Ok back on point… Samsung has released Froyo to the carriers. We know this because there’s leaked ATT version with all the ATT bloatware. They’ve sent it out via Kies in Nordic regions, to suddenly pull it. If I had to guess te reason for the delay, I’d say it has be to due to bugs in the software. People that have updated the Froyo, on thier SGS, have stated their GPS is no better generally. Yes some say it’s better, but some say no change or worse then b4. Sounds to me like Samsung has a hardware issue and they can’t figure out how to fix it ….

      This make sense on why Samsung keeps pushing back the Froyo release, more so then the process of the getting an OS update to the consumer. HTC and others have already gotten Froyo out. If there wasn’t an issue with the SGS hardware, what really is keeping it from the Galaxy S phones?

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