Google Android + retina display = Sharp IS03 smartphone

What’s that? You thought retina displays were restricted solely to the Apple family? While it’s unclear whether or not they can actually use the word “retina” in their product descriptions, Sharp has indeed come up with a phone that uses one. And it’s powered by Google Android to boot.

The Sharp IS03 comes loaded with Android 2.1 and the 3.5-inch touchscreen display boasts a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. That should give you plenty of real estate for surfing, movie watching, gaming, and whatever else you want to do on your smartphone. The actual design is somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS with its curved back, but many “slate” style phones these days look similar. Other highlights include the 9.6 megapixel autofocus camera and the one-seg TV tuner.

From what I can tell, this slick puppy is only being sold under the au brand through KDDI in Japan. There’s no real saying whether some version of this will ever make it to our shores.

[TecheBlog via Engadget Japan]

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  1. basejumpbr says:

    If you think buy this device…read for more details….SHARP don t support phone users for OFFICIAL UPDATE OF ANDROID SYSTEM…The device is locked the you can t root for update by own…Look for something not is japanese brand…like SAMSUNG GALAXY as can rooted easily;…To buy a lock phone is best you took the IPHONE by APPLE….

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