Sony Google TV remote design comes straight from the 80s

Sony has been around long enough that they may hang on to designs a bit longer than acceptable. For instance, this remote control QWERTY thing for Google TV. Its supposed to be released next week on October 12th, but I’d be more convinced if you told me it was released in 1985. Sporting two massive multi-directional toggle controls, some up down volume controls, and possibly a ticky tacky QWETRY keyboard to cramp up your thumbs in what used to be a casual laid back TV viewing experience.

It appeared on ABC’s Nightline, and hopefully will not again. As Wired points out, why not just control your Google TV with an Android or iPhone app and save yourself the embarrassment of buying a Nintendo robot to sit beside the multi-buttoned nightmare.  Expect a whole slew of remote devices for Google TV to follow, hopefully a little more streamlined than this one.

[ABC News via Wired]

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  1. michael says:

    what if they plan on incorporating some sort of gaming?

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