Google helps you compare Android devices with phone gallery database

Life was so much simpler when it really was the HTC Dream G1 (also sold as the T-Mobile G1) or nothing in the Android world, but I’m very happy that there is a lot more choice in Android devices these days. However, all this choice can be overwhelming. Helping you make the best buying decision, Google has now launched an online database and comparison site of just about every Android phone.

The appropriately named Google Phone Gallery lists the different devices, sorting them by release date or product name. It’s also good that they’re showing devices available through non-American carriers, like Telstra and Rogers. In fact, the page defaults to your country, presumably based on your IP address.

Most phones come with a short description and a product shot, but you can add them to a “side by side comparison” for further review too. Can’t decide between the HTC EVO 4G and the Motorola DROID X? The Galaxy S Captivate and the HTC Desire? Toss them all in there and see them side by side for a clearer picture.

I guess you could say that Apple has the same thing, but they’ve really only got one (or two if you still count the 3GS) phone models to show you on their site. :)

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