BlackBerry Torch 9800 finally lights its way to Rogers today

You’ve surely seen some pictures. You may have even read some reviews already. The wait is finally over, because the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is finally available through Rogers Wireless as of today. The question, then, is whether it really is the iPhone killer that it almost claims to be.

That’s very much debatable, but it is good to see that Research in Motion is dabbling with a few different form factors to see what sticks. I like the idea of a vertical slider mated with a touchscreen, and the new BB OS 6 looks like it’s an improvement over its predecessor.

You can call up Rogers (or dial into their website) to pick up the Torch for $199.99 on “select 3-year plans” starting today. Go without a contract and they’ll bend you over for a hefty $609.99. Brick and mortar Rogers stores should be getting stock as of tomorrow.

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