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$45,000 carbon fiber 10-speed bike weighs just 6 pounds

I would imagine a $45,000 bicycle to look somewhat futuristic, perhaps with big streaking fenders and solar panels. But not the Fairwheel bikes made in Tuscon Arizona, it’s a simple looking ten-speed made almost entirely of carbon fiber making it weight just six pounds! Looks don’t really matter when your racing across pavement passing the competition, this is where strength and lightness come in handy; with carbon fiber wheels, titanium spokes, and everything else being ultra-lightweight. The world’s lightest bike is still just a prototype, but has been tested on over 20k of pavement – it was shown this past weekend at the Interbike Show in Las Vegas.

[InHabitat via TriRig]



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  1. Too bad it needs to gain 9.4 pounds to race.

  2. Ummm 45.000 $ and no pedals?

    • The pedals aren’t included cause a hardcore cyclist who would buy said 45k bike would have his own preferred pedals, and would probably own them already.

    • Look Closely – it HAS pedals! they just dont look like your standard shimano or look pedals.
      I dont think i would be wanting to try and sprint or race over a decent gradient hill with that bike – sub 6 pounds woulod have to be a bit fragile in the frame work surely.

  3. “the weight just six pounds” amazing ,, but 45 000 dollar to much

  4. super look and i cant imagine the weight just six pounds! !!! amazing

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