BlackBerry PlayBook tablet teaser video

Well, we can garner one certain thing from this video by RIM featuring their newly unveiled BlackBerry Playbook, they want it to be everything. Projecting the BlackBerry Tablet OS on coffee tables, walls, textbook covers and vintage vinyl cabinets leads me to believe RIM wants the PlayBook to replace everything and anything we can think of. This will take a super app or two, and if RIM gets it right could very well make for some seriously “disconnected” tablet competition for the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Check the video for some teaser goodness.

Thanks to NCOFFICIALx for posting this one.

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  1. Ummm, I dont thing Blackberry is going to be around for too much longer, id give them 5 years after they exhaust their cashflow by wasting it on this type of stuff. I mean, when i saw this i almost laughed. They should invest more into video production since thats clearly their strength. Yes, i am Canadian too btw.

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