alessiTab Android tablet sits pretty next to the kitchen sink

The Alessi’s Android tablet dubbed
, is finally getting closer to availability. Designer Stefano Giovannoni had recently held a press event at his own home in Italy showing the wonderful multi-purpose tablet device with built-in stand to members of the press.

The 10.1-inch HD touchscreen will display everything from custom apps, widgets, and TV via the terrestrial antenna. Expect everything else Android can do, throw in a USB and SD card slot, a camera for video conferencing, a 30° angle and its ready to sit on your counter in two clever positions waiting for you to catch up on the latest news, TV shows or read a recipe in the kitchen.

With a November ship date the alessiTab is sure to jump off Italian store shelves for the holiday season. No NAM release set yet, it will cost €399 ($532 USD).

Stefano Giovannoni via Design Boom]

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  1. Tim Biden says:

    Looks nice but the 1 feature that it seems to be missing makes it a complete failure, the ability to rotate the screen 90 degrees to view something in portrait mode instead of landscape.

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