Onkyo 3D capable R5 notebook is for Japan

onkyo-r515 Onkyo 3D capable R5 notebook is for Japan

Onkyo of all companies has announced its latest notebook, a 3D-capable R5 Series Intel Core i5 powerhouse. Its 3D system is unspecified, but will be able to convert 2D content from Blu-ray and downloads for 3D viewing on the impressive high-definition 15.6-inch wide glow (1,366 × 768) LCD.

You’ll get a set of 3D glasses with the notebook, 4GB memory, 500GB harddrive, WiFi, Blu-ray and a digital TV tuner. Its not often we see notebooks from Onkyo, and with a Japan release next month at a price of 120,000 yen ($1400 USD), we tend to think this is more of a 3D novelty offering more than anything. The Onkyo R515A5-3D runs Windows 7 and has a meager 3.8 hour battery runtime.

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