BlackBerry BlackPad tablet to be announced at next week’s conference


blackberry-logo BlackBerry BlackPad tablet to be announced at next week's conferenceThe Apple iPad has taken the world by storm and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is garnering some attention in its own right. Not to be lost in the mix, it seems that Research in Motion is ready to take the wraps off its own tablet offering, the so-called BlackPad.

Not surprisingly, the spokespeople at RIM are still staying pretty mum on the matter, but this report comes by way of the Wall Street Journal. The unveiling, they say, will be at the RIM developer conference in San Francisco next week.

Interestingly, people are saying that the BlackPad seven-inch tablet won’t be running on a version of BB OS 6 like how the iPad runs on a version of the iPhone-sourced iOS. Instead, they’re apparently using QNX Software, from the firm that RIM bought in April for $200 million. You can also expect Marvell chips, one or two cameras, and a Q4 release date.

Originally, the rumors said that the BlackPad would be marketed as a device to accompany a BlackBerry, but this is starting to sound like it’ll be a standalone device much like the iPad or Galaxy Tab. Whatever the case, I certainly hope for RIM’s sake that this doesn’t turn into another BlackBerry Storm. That was no iPhone killer.

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