iPad 2G in the works, ready by 2011 with reinforced glass

Simulated broken display on 1st gen iPad

Suppliers in Taiwan are reporting that the next-generation Apple iPad will be ready in the first quarter of 2011, contrary to previous reports of a late 2010 release. The 9.7-inch touch panel display will have reinforced glass in order to improve upon its predecessor’s lack of ruggedness. This news comes out of TPK Touch Solutions and Wintek, both who according to Digitimes have reportedly been validating ultra-thin glass-based touch panels with Apple.

Other specs we can speculate on for the iPad 2G (if that is what they call it) will be a thinner form factor, front-facing camera, retina display, higher cpu clock speed, more memory and some liquid metal love. I can’t see Apple doing too much more than that with the next iPad, the company doesn’t deviate too far from what is available, they just do it the “Apple way.”

Photo: Fix-iPhones

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