iOS 4.2 will bring AirPrint wireless printing to your iDevice

One point to having wireless devices like the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod touch, is that you can do just about everything you want without being “plugged in.”  Soon, you’ll be able to do one more everyday thing on the these devices, and that is to print.

Wireless printing will come courtesy of the new Apple AirPrint wireless printing app slated for release later this year as part of the iOS 4.2 iOS update.   November to be precise, and it will that wireless tree killing button to your iDevice.  If the iPhone 4′s camera wasn’t so bad, you may have actually wanted to print a photograph wirelessly.  I can see this being a big hit for wireless transactions and providing a real, non-virtual receipt.

It looks like the Print app on iTunes store won’t be very usefull after this.

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