Dell unveils a tablet inspired netbook


dellinspironconvertabletabletfull-rm-eng Dell unveils a tablet inspired netbook

Dell is attempting to flourish in the creativity department.  Their latest creation with unimaginable inspiration comes in the form of their new Inspiron Duo 10” tablet/netbook concraption.  The Flip screen device will allow itself to be either a netbook, or a tablet – depending on your mood.  One thing to keep in mind is these types of convertible tablets are more often than not, running Windows 7 Premium. Basically you’re using a pen on your desktop; which isn’t the greatest experience in terms of intuitiveness.  When will manufacturers drop these dual-functioning tablet/notebooks?  I’m not sure about you, but I don’t wan’t a crappy tablet attached to a netbook or notebook.  Just give me the best damn tablet and be done with it.  Not some wanna be laptop with a touchscreen.  Prove me wrong with a Windows 7 variant optimized for tablets, otherwise give me an iPad or Galaxy Tab and be done with it.

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