Famed $35 Android tablet from India is actually made in China

It looks as though that super cheap Android tablet coming out of India isn’t actually coming from India after all. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is a little misleading to refer to the $35 Android device as the “Indian tablet,” since it seems to be sourced from China.

The so-called Indian tablet has been making its rounds through the Internet, everyone was impressed with its super-low $35 price point; unfortunately, it’s not an original device. Instead, it looks to be a slightly rebranded version of the Hivision Speedpad. ┬áThe Chinese company first showed off its version of the tablet at CeBIT earlier this year, saying that they’d be able to sell the Android device for about $100. The “Indian tablet” undercuts the price even further, but you can see that it’s the same device. The button layout is exactly the same and everything.

This debunks the claim by the Indian government that this miraculous device came about via “some of India’s top engineering colleges.” Go ahead and look for yourself: The Indian device is on the left and the Chinese one is on the right. They’re the same, right?

[Androids.in via Crunchgear]

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  1. Dhavalbhanushali700 says:

    bhosdyat gela china……………….

  2. Real India says:

    we indians do not dream big, do not risk life and accept mistakes. Let we indians accept the postion what we are really of and realise the need for change to cheap mobile, cheap liquor and cheap food and cheap cloth till we grow big to fight the big.

  3. dont dare to say anything u dummy fellows we only search smarter ways and you people just like to waste money in future u all people will turn towards up only remember this

  4. Indian says:

    If you manufacture the same device in the US, its gonna cost 500$. China can make it for 100, India for 35, Africa for 20…..

  5. Jackal P says:

    I del u, we gan make this thing so berry cheap. no bloblem, ok, ok. we not only make promise, we lie too.

    Boo Yah!!!

  6. Joke says:

    A cheap joke from a cheap government of a cheap country.

    What else can you really expect from India?

  7. JAcage says:

    Indian are funny and sad at the same time. So pathetic!

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