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iOS 4.1 released, still no jailbreak, iPhone 3G ‘faster’

Apple today released iOS 4.1, the anticipated update for iPhone and iPod touch devices that fixes bugs with the proximity sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, and the apparent iPhone 3G lag.

The FaceTime flaw has also been addressed, where a bug would allow others redirect FaceTime calls. “An issue in the handling of invalid certificates may allow an attacker in a privileged network position to redirect FaceTime calls,” said Apple’s advisory. “This issue is addressed through improved handling of certificates.”

Also with the update comes new “high dynamic range” (HDR) photography where multiple exposures of a single image are combined to provide enhanced details. In total 24 vulnerabilities in iOS were patched in this update, 19 of which were “arbitrary code execution,” meaning, a “critical” vulnerability. The update ranges from 308.2MB to 590MB depending on your geographic location.

With the fixed Webkit framework, you’ll get TV show rentals. They will cost 99 cents and will be streamed from the clouds.

HD video uploads over Wi-Fi are added, not 3G, are you trying to kill your ISP? This is for iPhone 4 owners only, you can share the captured HD clips with YouTube over Wi-Fi.

If anyone is brave enough to give this a run on their iPhone 3G please do so and let us know how it turned out. The update is said to “increase performance” and it seems to be doing so. Some iPhone 3G owners are reporting “It’s a quite faster” and “seems a little bit faster than 4.02; Safari opens faster, Google maps is much faster, Skype (as told) works even if there is a message saying that is not supported” according to Apple Discussions.

As for jailbreakers, the iPhone Dev Team says dont do it. “It’s a trap!” Apparently there is no way to revert your baseband after the 4.1, “if you update your baseband you’ll lose the ultrasn0w unlock, possibly forever.”



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  1. When will there be a jailbreak that you can do on the i pid for ios 4.1

  2. Hi guys, why is there is there a difference in update size? I’m on 300mb whereas some of my friends in other parts of the world are on 600mb. Are there exclusions depending on which country you stay in? Thanks.

  3. Team Infecti0n

    I gave it a try and it disables your network (Internet) on your iPhone 3G. Calls still work, just the internet is down. I’ll be restoring and trying yet another attempt at this. Please be patient numerous RedSn0w 0.9.5 B5-5 Processes are being done. I’ll update you guys on the results.

  4. upgraded(fom jailbroken 3.1.2) just now and everything seems to be working perfect. no slowdowns and it cant even be compared to 4.0.2
    hope a jailbreak will come up soon but even without it i m pretty happy as it is with the 4.1

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