Flickr user adds strap to iPod nano touchscreen: The iWatch is born

”]nano-watch Flickr user adds strap to iPod nano touchscreen: The iWatch is bornLast week Steve Jobs revealed the sixth-generation iPod nano, complete with a tiny touchscreen display. Well, it didn’t take long before obvious circumstances came together, and someone found the optimal way to use this new music player: as a watch.  Enter the iPod nano watch. All ogikubokei had to do was strap it on, well, add a strap to the back of the new touchscreen nano and he effectively had a watch that could tell time and play music. Remember those Casio calculator watches from your school-age days? Forget about it, this is so much cooler.

Part of the problem is that the battery probably won’t last very long if you keep the screen on all the time, so you will need to activate the screen each time you want to see a clock. But I think that’s worth it, since you’re so much closer to Bond territory, no?  We saw the iWatch concept earlier this year and it looks a lot like what we’re seeing today. Unfortunately, the new nano watch doesn’t come with the iWatch’s projector or voice activation functions, at least not yet.

Michael Kwan

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