Nokia N8 hands-on, loads of pics at IFA

nokia-n8-handson-ifa-04 Nokia N8 hands-on, loads of pics at IFA

Sampling the future of mobile technology at IFA Berlin has made me kaleidescopically dizzy, so by the time I get to fiddling with the touchscreen of the much talked about Nokia N8, it still feels, for all its graphic snazziness, a tad like a trip into, well, the present (hello, Symbian!). To be sure, its anodized aluminum case in silver-white, gray, orange, blue and, my favorite, a kind of retro sci-fi green, is a treat to hold and behold, but where you really find the wow is on the entertainment side of things. Turn it over and etched around the wide-angle lens are the words “Carl Zeiss” and behind that are 12 megapixels to capture what goes through it. That, and the suite of HD video editing functions and WebTV capacity, seems a bit like the tail wagging the mobile dog (will Nikon now add SIM cards to cameras?), so I’m wondering what could they possibly be thinking here. When I pan in camera mode across the convention hall, I gaze at the 16:9 nHD (640 x 360) AMOLED screen and the picture becomes a lot clearer.

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