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Nuu Mini-Key clamshell QWERTY flip case for the iPhone
Nuu Mini-Key clamshell QWERTY flip case for the iPhone

IFA: Mini Key keyboard from Nuu converts iPhone into a flipping clamshell

Nuu Mini-Key clamshell QWERTY flip case for the iPhone Photo: Mark Ehrman

Although the iZone at the IFA Berlin was chock full of interesting and attractive aftermarket enhancements for all things prefixed “i”.  My personal iPiphany didn’t occur until I ventured many halls away to the Nuu booth where I zoom in on the unassuming looking “Mini Key.” A protective case that also claims to resolve the iPhone 4 antenna issues sounds OK, but the real excitement here is the slide out adjustable hinge that turns your iPhone 4 into a flip phone, revealing, in all its tactile glory, a physical keyboard with raised letter keys and backlighting.

A potential game-changer for those who experience email and SMS frustrations with Apple touchscreens (it also makes video watching a hands-free experience). I don’t even wait to hear about the Bluetooth v2.0 class 2 and HID profile compliant Broadcom chip and the built-in rechargeable lithium-backlighting before reaching for my wallet. But, alas, this is a prototype and the real deal won’t hit the stores till around Christmas. The price, around $69. Santa, are you listening?



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  1. I like it, and they have a few other interesting products on their site.

  2. Am i the only one to notice that in this picture bluetooth is turned off? But of fail right there.. I would defnitely buy this though. iPhone needs something like this

  3. No useful need? At the moment I’m planning on trading in my new iPhone 4 (had it for 2 weeks now) which I HATE for ANY blackberry that they’ll give me. I love the iPhone apps, and games and fun stuff…but for typing I find it slow, clumsy and unproductive. I spend more time fighting with my iPhone than I ever did with my BB. My BB made me productive and organized, the iPhone is a time waster. A tactile keyboard, at least for me, could change all that.

  4. I think I’d buy this. It actually doesn’t even look too bulky, which is a change.

  5. I see a useful need for this- how about being able to see something other than a keyboard and your thumbs while inputing text? That’d be very useful, especially in landscape mode… The iphone should have had this anyhow, like the Epic 4G has now

  6. Why I say? I see no useful need for this whatsoever.

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