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Canadians have the most expensive cell phone bills in the world

Data plan prices have certainly come down in recent years in Canada, but things aren’t all peachy-keen north of the 49th parallel. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that Canadians are actually paying the highest cell phone bills in the world.

The global telecom report comes courtesy of Bank of America Merril Lynch and it shows that among more than 50 developed and developing nations around the world, Canada comes out on top… but this isn’t the kind of “leader” that we really want to be.

This is based on ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), so it includes your base voice and data plan, as well as any “value packs” or “feature packages” that you may have added. In many countries, things like caller ID are included; that’s oftentimes not the case for us.

Looking here, Canadians are paying an average of over $50 a month for the privilege of using a cell phone. Compare that to the sub-$40 a month that the Dutch pay, the $30 a month that Italians pay, and the sub-$10 that Russians pay. This also hurts mobile penetration too. Something needs to change.




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  1. why would they (cell companies) change it they’re making too much money off it, and cell coverage is like gas everyone needs to have it, its a total monopoly and it will stay that way…mmuuuuhahahahaha

  2. not only is the phone bill way too expensive but the customer service we get is terrible too….
    most of the time its like they don’t even know what they’re talking about and the other times the company fails to update them on their own company policies.
    i’ve been a customer of bell for 3 months and i’ve already had to call them three times and go back to the store once.
    the last time i called them i had to get the guy to put his manager on the phone cus he didn’t know what he was talking about.
    and that last guy tried to force me to upgrade to the data plan , saying he cann’t block data usage and blah blah blah….
    but my data thing was blocked in the first month but it suddenly got unblocked in the second month.
    and the first time i called them they said that they will give me free call display and voice messaging for two months but then i found out they charged me for the call display…so stupid.

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