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Sharper Image announces Literati e-reader, uses Kobo store

Are you ready to get your hands on yet another e-book reader? How about one that comes with a color screen? Well, Sharper Image is coming forward with the Literati e-reader and it has several features that you won’t find on the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

For starters, the $160 Literati e-reader comes equipped with a full color display. Sharper Image isn’t specify exactly, but we’re likely expecting to see a regular LCD display. There’s also a full QWERTY keyboard underneath for ease of text entry. It doesn’t have 3G Whispernet, but the Literati does have Wi-Fi for wireless book downloads and free reading apps.

But where will it get these book downloads? The Sharper Image Literati is actually connected to the Kobo e-book store. This way, you can gain access to the same content as you would on the e-ink powered Kobo eReader… but with color.

The Literati is expected to hit store shelves in early October. Look for it in Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s and of course, Shaper Image locations.

Now Sharper Image Launches an E-Reader [Gadget Lab]



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  1. Janita Linda27

    i’m having trouble to erase books from my literati and the bookmarks doesnt work i reseted two times already but just delete it the date and time :(

  2. I got an Literati for my birthday in June. It was a white one that my Granddaughter  got for me. It would come on and show the Literati front page but nothing more. I called the company  the first week of July and told them what it was doing. I was told they would send me a new one . They sent me a box the next week and I sent it back the next day. Two weeks later I called and was told it was on back order.The last week of Augest i received a phone call asking if I would be willing to take the LOOKBOOK instead that the white Laterati was on backorder and I agreed. I sent in a brand new white Laterati and got back a LookBook on Sept 10 that was very scratched on the back , No cover , no instruction book, no power cord.I had a black one that I loved but wanted a white one to download the Bible on and now I got this.It took two months for them to send me a used e reader and I won’t be buying anything else from the KOBO book store. I am so disapointed that I will buy another e-reader from another company and give the two I got to the school house for some student to use. I was taken advanage of. I am a Great grandmother on a fixed income and I don’t need this. Ingrid Robbins    hicks1947@gmail.com

  3. starflower713@verizon.net

    I am trying to find out if I can download a kindle app onto my Literati. I love the e-reader with the color screen and unlike some of the other e-readers like the kindle, it lights up and you don’t need a book light to read with it at night. However, I get a bunch of FREE kindle books on Amazon.com and would LOVE to transfer them to my Literati, but can’t find any information about whether or not this is even possible.

    • Kindle and Literati view different types of book files.  Kindle requires .mobi and Literati requires .epub.  That’s a solveable problem though.  Here’s how.   Download the free software program ” Calibre” onto your PC.  Upload book files into the program.  Within the program is the option to convert the books to .epub format.  It only takes a minute or two.  Then you can ‘open’ the new .epub formatted book and drag it into your Literati device the same way you would upload any other .epub book.    

      • Please tell be how to download the books for my Laterait.                                                  I have signed up and ordered them….Kobo  was the site that I ordered from

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