Rogers My5 numbers can now be controlled from My Account app

It’s really handy when you can manage your cell phone account from, well, your cell phone. Rogers has been offering its My Account app on iPhone, BlackBerry, and select Android devices for a while, but it has now been updated with some extra functionality. Before you could check in on your account balance and all that kind of typical stuff, but it really helps that you can now manage your My5 numbers from within the My Account app as well. Instead of having to call in to make changes, you can add and remove people from your list at will. Find that you’re calling your mother more often these days? Maybe you should add her to the list.

In addition to the My5 functionality, the updated Rogers My Account app is now also allowing you to sign up and set up your Ringback membership too. This way, your chosen song plays when people call you rather than the usual ringer. Third, the app lets you manage your Extreme Text Messaging features like personal signature and distribution list.

You can download the Rogers My Account app via the Rogers mobile site. The Android and iPhone folks in the audience can find it via the Android Market and App Store respectively too.

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