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No iOS 4.0.2 jailbreak solution to be made

Did you line up for hours on end to get your hands on a shiny new Apple iPhone 4? Are you anxious to jailbreak it so that you can access all the cool Cydia apps (and other things) that aren’t available to non-jailbroken iPhones? Well, you’ll want to avoid updating to iOS 4.0.2 then.

That’s because the Dev-Team have made a rather important announcement. They’re not going to make a jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2. It’s not that they’re working on it and having trouble, per se; it’s that they’re not going to bother making one at all.

If you managed to get an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.1 and earlier, you can still use the remarkably simple and straightforward solution at Jailbreakme.com to break through the shackles. That still works. However, if you’ve upgraded to iOS 4.0.2 (or you bought a device that came preloaded with it), you’re pretty much out of luck.

For the more patient people in the audience, you’re probably best sticking with iOS 4.0.1 for now and waiting for the next iOS 4.1 update. At that time, the Dev-Team will work on a new jailbreak for the newly updated OS.

Winning Moves [Dev-Team blog] Dev-Team: No Jailbreak Coming For iOS 4.0.2 [iPhoneinCanada]



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  1. Why is it that all Jailbreak Method have were the user had to download the firmware and then change it themselves.

    It would be a lot easier if the people who come up with Jailbreak Methods upload the file instead of JailBreak Users download 2 300mb sized files

    • @Lukong, I mean upload the full package. Changed and all. That is the reason Spirt.exe is so much better to use, and it can’t downgrade, but it can Jailbreak and the fact that its only 4.4mb

  2. Just wondering DL666 do you realize how hard it is to hack into Apple’s firmware

  3. Sorry I forgot to give you a link about the Zenonia Emulator


    AEU [Adept Emulation User] like me would love this stuff and with the ability to play on your PC all we need is someone to upload full version apps

  4. Also forgot to say this everyone who is involved with making Jailbreaking should have Credits in the Settings at the Top withcertain ways to contact them, give them a thumbs up or feedback.

    Java Script Apps
    – If possible a variety of Touch Gamepads that can be configured to play Internet Browser games
    – Customize where controls are on screen
    – Controls from Apps like; Zenonia, Asphalt 5 & GTAChinatown Wars
    – Directional Controls can be configured to “Tilting device”
    – Click Controls can be configured to “Touching device”

    Inventing Apps
    – Turn Programs, Games into Apps

    Save Pages
    – When Saving a Page it should be seen optional for where it goes
    – Option for Home Screen or in App/Files

  5. Is it possible that the Men and Women of the Jailbreaking Community would be able to create there own iOperating System which can do the following

    – Takes parts of Apple’s Updated iOS’s allowing it to use newer Apps & Features
    – An iOS that is compatible with all iDevices [Certain Features not shown on others]
    – Connect to WEP & WPA protected Wireless Internet
    – Has a Cheat Engine App or Change Value of Save files while exited from App
    – Safari can Save Pages

    App Store
    – Credits Frozen at Highest Rounded App Price or All Apps Free or User can Set App Prices
    – Access App Store & Cydia
    – After Downloading an App: The List you go down shouldn’t go back to first 25 and stay put or Slide to each Page or Choose a page Number
    – Add Apps to a Wish/To-Do List to download later

    iTunes to Device
    – Use iTunes functions on iDevice
    – Change Information of Music, Videos, Apps & Other Files
    – Transfer all purchases to iTunes
    – Backup Up Everything & Restore later
    – Restore/DFU Mode Option
    – Allow other Files/Folders to be stored on iDevice

    Cancel Downloads from iDevice
    – When holding Home Button it allows User to Delete Apps from iDevice [“X” is in a Black Outlined Circle]
    – Red “X” for Canceling Downloading Apps on your iPod

    Time & Date
    – Clock & Calender should be One App
    – See Day & Day of the Week like Calendar
    – When Open see Lock Screen Time, Date & Battery
    – Tap “Options” Menu to be brought up [Access Clock & Calender features]
    – Customize How Time Looks [HH:MM:SS or HH:SS]
    – When Tapping twice to look down at History of Apps, the time well display to the Left of the Music Player

    Custom Home Button
    – Tap, Hold & Touch Combos
    – “Tap 3x” for DFU/Recovery Mode
    – “Tap 2x & Hold” for Volume Up
    – “Tap 1x & Hold” for Volume Down
    – “Hold 1sec & Tap” for Screen Snapshot
    – “Hold 1sec & Touch” for Right Click Options/Right Click
    – Customize the Number of Taps
    – Customize how long to Hold
    – A Hold Counter that shows how long Home Button is being held
    – Customize when Hold Counter should appear [Allow when not in this App or All Apps, etc]

    – Customize Font, Font Size, Font Color, Alignment & Background
    – Underline, Bold & Highlight words
    – Pinch Page to Zoom in
    – Customizable Tab Bullet Point
    – Compatible with .doc, .rtf, .txt, etc

  6. To the iOS 4.0.2 community:

    The jailbreak developers think they hold all the keys to all the gates, maybe for one more week. Once IPA God is released, they will be distant memory.

    To the JB developers:

    Thanks for keeping all of us waiting so long, now your life is out of season. If any of you had half a brain, you would have a new version of Jailbreak released within 24 hours and you could charge $9.99 for it. Such a shame someone else is going to make all that money. Fuck you and the god you believe in.

  7. Damn, i was waiting for the 4.0.2 jailbreak i hope somone makes one :(

  8. No it certainly won’t, just tried it !

    Once you upgrade your brand new iPhone 4 w/ 4.0.1 firmware to 4.0.2 (w/out jailbreaking the 4.0.1 in-between) you are out of luck and can NEITHER jailbreak, NOR even downgrade to 4.0.1, AFAIK.

    This is until some other hack appears for 4.0.2 fw, or until 4.1 is out and cracked.

  9. the old jailbreakme will work for 4.02 as long as you only want a jailbreak not an unlock.

  10. Does anyone know if there is a jailbreak out for the ios 4.0.2 yet or is there any way to downgrade to 4.0.1

  11. Fuck these lazy nerds for not making jailbreak 4.0.2

  12. damnnnn…..
    im frm india…jus called for an ip4 for my self.
    wnt be able to use the phone if the jailbreak is nt availible for 4.2 update.

  13. Well, I think it would be nice if they at least made some kind of hack to downgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1. I really do not care about new apple updates right now, I just want to be able to jailbreak/unlock the phone.
    I have a AT&T sim card so I can use the phone in the same way as a “Ipod Touch”, but I want to be able to use it as phone to.

  14. on vacation with a brick. FML.

  15. Damn… Hopefully some other team will jailbreak it soon!

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