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iPod touch 4G to be revealed Sept 1st?

It’s that time of year again. Well, I guess it could be just about any time of year, but Steve Jobs and the Apple crew are planning a special event on September 1st. We have what we believe to be the skinny on what will be revealed. Get ready for a Hulu fighter.

First, it is said that Apple is working on bringing TV show rentals to its iTunes service, competing directly against the likes of Hulu and Netflix. They’re already in “advanced” talks with Fox and it seems that they’re moving in on CBS, NBC Universal, and Walt Disney Company too. Remember that El Jobso is a board member and the largest shareholder at Disney.

The plan would involve renting TV shows for 99 cents each, allowing consumers to watch them over about a 48-hour period. New episodes would become available in iTunes within 24 hours of their original airing. It’s quite possible that this could be extended to mobile devices too, like the iPhone and iPad.

Speaking of mobile devices, the same September 1st Apple event could finally see the unveiling of the next-generation iPod touch. It’s said to have a higher resolution screen, similar to that of the iPhone 4, and it might have a camera too. Back to school with an iPod touch and 99 cent TV show rentals?



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  1. danm i have an ipod touch and i just got a macbook! man !!!!!

  2. I actually hope that the iPod Touch 4G has a camera!!!, I bought the 8GB earlier this year, horrible mistake!!! D: It’s only 6.8GB now because of iOS 4 and iOS4 is buggy.

    I should have listened to my mom and wait until September 23rd (My Birthday) to get an iPod Touch. But lol I told her that I don’t want anything for Christmas yet, so I’ll tell her I want the new iPod for Christmas.

  3. Well then im lucky then my bday is in oct i had 4 ipods since the ist gen nano finally a gift i won’t hesistate to give myself

  4. Damn,just got an iPod touch! Hope they won’t be selling the 4 g for a couple months then I won’t be too disapointed that I bought a touch when I did

  5. @santa, well happy early bday, but ill much rather have my birthday in october because thats probably the earliest anybody will be able to get the next generation of idevices. so looks like maybe its next year for you, no wait your bday will probably be too early for next years apple’s unveiling of idevices too.

  6. I thought that it was on the 7th september, well earlier is better.


  8. Can’t wait. I didnt want to buy the 3 because i knew the 4g is coming out soon. I have been waiting…and I found a Free iPod Video Converter for Aneesoft.hope for ipod touch 4g……lol

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