FCC approves KeyCase iPad Folio with built-in Bluetooth keyboard

The iPad isn’t a netbook, but it’s really starting to bite into some of those netbook sales. With the recent FCC approval of the KeyCase iPad Folio, we could see even more of a push in this area. That’s because this particular iPad case happens to pack a QWERTY-flavored punch.

Rather than simply protecting the Apple iPad from the random bump and bruise, the KeyCase iPad Folio takes it one step further by adding a.. you guessed it, a Bluetooth keyboard into the mix. This keyboard can easily slip into the case, propping up the iPad in the process, and effectively giving you an experience closely mirroring that of a netbook.

I’d imagine the Bluetooth connection would pull something away from the iPad’s battery life, but that’s a small price to pay to get whacking some physical keys again. To go back to being as mobile as possible, the Bluetooth keyboard can be totally removed too. ¬†Neither the manufacturers nor the FCC have any indication as to a release date or price, but GearZap of the UK is listing the KeyCase iPad Folio for ¬£59.95 (about $90 USD).

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