T-Mobile G2: First live look at the Android smartphone

tmobile-g2 T-Mobile G2: First live look at the Android smartphone
The T-Mobile G2 Android smartphone first photos appear

Earlier this week we were teased with the pending availability of the T-Mobile G2 smartphone, how it was going to boast the new HSPA+ network, and a sad excuse of a teaser pic. Now, we’re getting a live photo of what this upcoming Android device is actually going to look like. The T-Mobile G2 is the official successor to the original T-Mobile G1, even though several other Android phones have come down the chute in the interim. The G2 is basically a T-Mobile rebranded version of the HTC Vision.

As you can see here, it gets an optical trackpad, large touchscreen display, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. We also know that it’ll rock one of those newer 1GHz chips inside, offering you some peppy processing to go with the peppy HSPA+ high-speed network.

Along with the T-Mobile G2, two Windows phones are also making their “photographic debuts.” AT&T is getting its hands on the Samsung Cetus, complete with video calling and Windows Phone 7. The other Windows Phone 7 device is the LG C900 and it has a QWERTY keyboard, a touchscreen (possibly 480×800), and a processor of at least the 1GHz variety.

LGC900-samsung-cetus T-Mobile G2: First live look at the Android smartphone
Windows Phone 7 devices: LG C900 and Samsung Cetus

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