Better than a sweet sixteen: High schoolers build world’s most efficient electric car

delasalle-electric-car-2_1292 Better than a sweet sixteen: High schoolers build world's most efficient electric car   If you thought getting asked to prom was exciting, try setting the world record for most efficient electric car before you can even drive.  Students from DeLaSalle High School in Kansas City are awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records that a vehicle they built for a class project sets a new world record for fuel efficiency.

Working with engineers from Bridgestone America, the students designed an electric vehicle that is inspired by the 2000 Lola Indy and gets a 300mpg equivalent.  The single-seater weighs less than 1,500 pounds and is therefore half the weight of 98% of other EVs out there.  It uses its light-weight frame, electric propulsion system, and high-efficiency Ecopia EP100 tires to cruise at commuter speeds with zero emissions. The

The DeLaSalle students are already planning to beat their own record by increasing the aerodynamics of their design and developing an electric motor with even higher efficiency.  Maybe if they continue on this track, they won’t have to pay a dime in gas for next year’s limo ride.

DeLaSalle School

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