Philips GoGear Connect PMP powered by Google Android

Philips GoGear Connect PMP powered by Google Android

Philips introduces an Android-based PMP

Philips introduces an Android-based PMP
They did say that Google Android would be one of the most versatile operating systems available today, and they weren’t kidding. Not only is the platform being used for smartphones and tablets, it seems that it’s good for music players too. You know, like the Philips GoGear Connect.

If you were to hold this player in a vertical fashion, you’d almost think that you’re holding on to an HTC Hero. Sort of. After first catching a glimpse of this device back in February, the Philips GoGear Connect personal media player is ready for retail.

The proprietary OS of old has been replaced by Google Android 2.1, following in much the same footsteps as the Samsung Yepp YP-MB2 media player before it. Other specs include the 3.2-inch display, 16GB of memory, FM radio, a slim touchpanel, microSD expansion, GPS integration, and a battery good for either five hours of video or 25 hours of audio.

The European price is listed at 264.99 Euro ($340), though there is no mention of whether this’ll ship to our side of the Atlantic.

Philips’ Android-powered GoGear Connect PMP seemingly on sale overseas [Engadget]

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