MacBook Air project meshes components into a mini portable-computer

What does it take to get someone’s creativity going these days? Not much. A free busted up MacBook Air did it for Bart, a guy behind The MacBook Air Project. He’s been taking the guts of a MacBook Air, and integrating them into Apple’s wireless keyboard. The entire package should be a bit thicker than the original Apple Wireless Keyboard, with a few noticeable changes – wires coming out of it.

The project seems to have morphed from the full-sized Apple Wireless Keyboard with numeric keypad, to a combination of the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad. Bart is dremelling up a clear polycarbonate casing to make the DVI, USB and MagSafe port accessible from the rear. Perhaps Apple will be stealing some of these ideas for the next iteration of the Mac Mini?

Check out his blog for more pics and to follow the progress.

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