34% of AT&T iPhone users are waiting to switch to Verizon


What’s going to happen when the iPhone becomes available through Verizon?  A new survey by market research firm Morpace provides a good prediction.  Morpace surveyed 1,000 consumers across all carriers and 29 percents said they were “somewhat/very likely” to purchase an iPhone with Verizon.  According to the survey, 34 percent of AT&T iPhone owners are holding off upgrades so they can make a switch.  Forty-seven percent of those would consider Verizon the ideal candidate.

How would Verizon handle the newbies?  A few million new users could mean the network data hits rush hour. It could also mean bad news for Androids. Currently, Verizon sells the highest number of Androids.  But according to the survey, 51 percent of Verizon customers would be “somewhat/very likely” to buy an iPhone.  Which means Androids may have a hard time keeping up, especially if Verizon builds a carpool lane.

Survey Says: 34 Percent Of AT&T iPhone Owners Are Waiting To Switch To Verizon [Tech Crunch]

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