One crazy flipping boat


flipship One crazy flipping boat
It’s not a ride at Six Flags, it’s the FLIP (Floating Instrument Platform), a research vessel built in 1962 that does exactly what its names implies.  After being towed to a target site in a horizontal, normal ship position, the FLIP rotates a full 90 degrees sending 300 of its 350 feet vertically under the water.  By anchoring itself in calm waters below, the boat provides a portable platform where researchers can record precise measurements in up to 30 foot waves.  Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography actually manage to live and work on the FLIP for weeks at a time conducting oceanic studies.  Talk about a work environment that flips you out!

FLIP ship (Floating Instrument Platform) [Marine Physical Laboratory]
Crazy FLIP ship designed to change its orientation–from horizontal to vertical [core77]

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