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FCC Spotting: Huawei touchscreen eReader with Wi-Fi and 3G to sport Android?

Huawei T62W touchscreen eReader running Android?
It’s not surprising that Huawei Technologies, the largest networking and telecommunications equipment supplier in China, has entered the e-reader market.  With CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezosis, expecting e-book sales to surpass paperback sometime in the next 9 to 12 months, releasing the T62W seems to be the right move to make.

Little is yet known about the Huawei T62W ereader, including screen resolution and what type of e-book formats it will support.  The operating system also remains a mystery although it’s rumored to be the Android OS.  What we do know is that it comes with a 6-inch white-on-gray screen that is sensitive to the touch.  This is a nice deviation from the space-hogging Kindle keyboard and no-touch.   Other expected features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, microSDHC and SIM card slots.

Huawei T62W e-reader clears FCC – touchscreen, Wifi, 3G [The Digital Reader] Huawei T62W eReader Sails Through FCC with Touchscreen, WiFi, and 3G in Tow [SlashGear]



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  1. They make one of the top ebook reader in China
    and they are very good at it too…
    but kindna expensive…
    buying it outside of China starting from CAD$299
    *their ebook reader are ugly compare to sony ones

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