Axon Haptic tablet comes with no OS, $750 pre-orders now on

Axon Haptic tablet is more like a computer, than a tablet

When you buy the iPad, you get iOS. When the PalmPad comes to light, you’ll be getting webOS. What if you want to pick your own operating system? With the Axon Haptic, you can do exactly that.

The tablet, get this, ships without an OS pre-installed. It’s totally up to you what operating system you want to load onto the beast, assuming that it is compatible with the hardware found inside. According to the devs, the internals should be good for “almost any OS,” including Linux, Windows, and even OS X. Interesting enough, no mention of the little green guy anywhere.

It handles this via its EFI bootloader, which basically “tricks” Mac OS into thinking that it’s running on some Apple hardware. The actual specs, though, are closer to your standard issue Windows netbook. There’s an Intel Atom N270 processor, 320GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, WiFi, webcam, optional Bluetooth, and a ten-inch touchscreen with a stylus.

Strangely, the specs also call for a “3G CDMA Verizon SIM slot” option, though CDMA doesn’t use SIM cards the only thing left is this device would be for their LTE network. Either way, they’re accepting pre-orders now Axon Haptic for $750, the price is $750. Delivery date is anyone’s guess.

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