View home videos on your wall with Ordos’ HD camcorder

The Ordo HDV-350S pico-projector HD camcorder

Now you can project films directly from your camera using Ordo’s HDV-350S.  The device includes a Texas Instrument chip DPL that throws a WVGA (854×480) resolution image with a brightness of 15 lumens.  According to Ordro this allows for 60-inches of projection.

 The camcorder can capture 1080p video or pictures at 12 megapixels.  Other features of the HDV-350S include a 3” LCD touch screen, 10x optical zoom, an SD/SDHC card slot, and USB and HDMI connectivity options.  Although pico-projectors are already available in mobile phones, point-and-shoot cameras, and pocket camcorders, this is their first appearance in a conventional camcorder.

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