Watch recorded TV on your iPhone with AT&T’s free U-verse Mobile app

With an iPhone in your pocket, you’ll never have to miss an episode of the Jersey Shore again.  AT&T’s new U-verse Mobile app lets premium subscribers download and watch programs directly on the device. 

The app lets you easily click ‘subscribe season’ to automatically download future episodes and access an abbreviated list of your favorite TV channels.  Although limited to several popular networks, AT&T is adding more content on an ongoing basis. 

However, in an effort to spare the wireless carrier’s 3G network from more data, programs can only be downloaded over Wi-Fi.  With no Wi-Fi connection, users still have a chance if they have digital video recorders, as the app allows subscribers to remotely manage downloads to their DVRs at home.  Therefore, no matter where you are, whether you’re at home, the office, stuck in traffic, the situation looks pretty good.

U-Verse Mobile by AT&T [iTunes Download Link]
AT&T Launches U-verse Mobile So You Never Have To Miss Desperate Housewives Again [Mobile Crunch]

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