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Inon’s surf and turf underwater case for the Panasonic DMC-GF1

Inon underwater X-2 housing for the DMC-GF1 with dual arms and lights

Unveiling its newest accessory for the Lumix DMC-GF1, Panasonic not only boasts the capabilities of the DMC to shoot on land, but also to snap photographs into the deep blue. A sleek, white aluminum alloy casing will protect the DMC for underwater adventures.

A Black model of the X-2 is going on sale near the end of August, and two optional grips and underwater lights are also available (shown below), turning the sleek GF1 into a heavy duty underwater diving rig. Operation depth is rated at 75 meters, being quite laudable for the consumer camera that it is, perhaps even pushing the GF1 into “prosumer” status. Accompanying this caliber, prices are also passing the threshold of the average consumer. The case will be selling for a whopping $2200, converted from its original price of 186’900 Yen. Add to that a $115 per grip arm, and you have yourself an expensive piece of equipment that dwarfs the $800 price tag for the camera itself.

Inon GF1 in White or Black
Inon X-2 for GF1 [Inon Japan] Inon, “DMC-GF1″ waterproof housing for [Watch Impress]



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