Apple iPhone users having more sex? Think again, Android is pretty frisky

Graph showing the average number of sexual partners

A writer from the online dating site OkCupid has claimed that Apple users have twice as much sex as Android users, well, he might have to take a closer look at his own graph.  Taken from OkCupid’s online dataset, the graph illustrates the sexual activity of 9,785 anonymous 30-year-old smartphone users.

Look closely at the dependent variable, and you’ll see the graph actually reflects the number of sexual partners of mobile phone users.  Therefore, Apple users aren’t necessarily getting lucky more often, they’re just picking from a higher variety of fruit.  They’re simply gettin’ around more and not just in the iTunes App Store.  In fact, some people would argue that those in steady relationships are the ones having the most sex.  Maybe that means Androids are the real winners here, depending on who you ask.

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