Best Buy to sell Rocketfish Android tablet soon

Best Buy to sell Rocketfish Android tablet soon

Best Buy to unveil Android tablet soon
rocketfish-tablety Best Buy to sell Rocketfish Android tablet soon
Best Buy to unveil Android tablet soon

The iPad is selling like hot cakes, but the only one profiting from the impressive sales of the device are Apple. Well, Best Buy has its own in-house “Rocketfish” brand. And these two factoids are on the verge of combining. Last Friday, Best Buy CTO Robert Stephens effectively confirmed the existence of an iPad-esque Rocketfish tablet on the horizon by sending out a tweet with the image of the device.

This is the same guy that founded the Geek Squad and it is through his Twitter account that we get the first “live” look at a device we didn’t even know existed. The yet unnamed Rocketfish tablet looks a fair bit like the HP Slate with the same ports and a similar touchscreen in the nine-inch range.

Further on the Tweetosphere, Ben Hedrington, a web strategist for Best Buy, tweeted a link in reply to a story saying that we should “be looking for a little green robot on that Best Buy tablet screen… 🙂 #Android”. I guess that’s all the evidence we need for now. Apparently Best Buy employees have been swapping ideas back and forth on the tablet since February. Most thought it would be an internal tool for employee communications, but now it appears to be a consumer and employee focused device. I could see Best Buy employees armed with tablets able to look up inventory information, specifications, and any other details at a customers will. Perhaps they will even hand it off to the customer as they walk in store, providing a more “rich” experience to their Best Buy shopping experience. How it will be positioned is yet to be determined, and the specs of this tablet are also in the air. It would make sense for it to be 4G equipped, but who really knows at this point.

Additional reporting by Fabrizio Pilato

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