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Apple Peel 520 case for iPod touch reviewed: Stick with the iPhone

About a week ago, we caught a glimpse of the Apple Peel 520 case, which effectively transforms an iPod touch into a nearly functional iPhone. It grants the iPod access to a cellular network for voice calls, text messages, and so on. Well, that Peel case has now been reviewed, and I’m not that excited about it as I initially was.

The Apple Peel 520 wraps around the iPod touch and links itself via the standard Apple dock connector. Inside the Peel case is a spot for a regular SIM card, but you will be left with slower speeds; there’s no 3G support at this time. The case does come with its own removable 800mAh battery though, which is good for adding 3 hours of talk and 120 hours of standby.

To get it to work, you’ll need to use the iPhone voice calling and text messaging apps on your iPod touch. That requires some jailbreaking on your part; that’s all legal now, and super easy. You’ll also need the Yosion and YsSMS apps to use the adapter.

The long and the short of it for the $57 Apple Peel 520 is that it works, but it’s not without its problems. Incoming phone numbers may not appear, ringtones cannot be customized, adjusting the call volume does nothing, and incoming calls do not light up the iPod touch display. Strangely, the accepted call cannot end until the other party hangs up. You also can’t delete single text messages, nor can you send to multiple recipients.

Yeah, maybe you’re better off with a real iPhone.




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  1. can you talk to it

  2. Oh gosh I totally need to get one of these! Must figure out how to contact the manufacture!

  3. do u have to pay for a contract or minutes

  4. @Tokteacher,
    i just want to clarify tokteacher things about the apple peal 520,
    do you really have to jailbroke the ipod b4 using it? tsk,

  5. I have an apple peel, and a few things you should know. First, of course, your ipod touch must be jailbroken. Here are some of the things I haven’t read in the reviews.
    1. The mic/earbuds you use to make calls will no longer adjust your volume unless you drill a hole into the case and access the ipod touch’s headphone jack.
    2. If you plug the headphone mike into that jack via the hole, you have volume control on the ipod touch, but cannot make calls
    3. You have to fiddle about to get any sound on the headphones when using the apple peel’s jack with earbuds and mic. I works fine with regular earphones without a mic. You really have to fuss with it if you want to hear what is coming over the phone, and often people will hang up by time you get it adjusted
    4. You have to add area code to every contact to get SMS’s to work.

    Bottom line: If you don’t use your phone much, and just want a phone option for the ipod touch when you carry it, then it is a fun hobbyist’s toy. Not for serious cell phone addicts, or anyone who needs a reliable and easy to use phone daily. Wait until they get the bugs out of it. I am posting this because I wish I had this information before I purchased it, but don’t see it discussed anywhere.

  6. this is just a PROOF OF CONCEPT, it works doesn’t it, albeit with some flaws… just be patient… this could usher in other ipod touch accessories with similar concept.

  7. I agree with Daniel, and in addition. I paid full price for my 3GS 32Gb that have many connectivity problems from frequent dropped calls and horrible 3G connectivity (Googling will show all other problems). Many of us resort to tips and tricks such as switching off notifications and turning 3G off. Telcos blame Apple and Apple pushes the blame to telcos. If something so expensive can have so many problems (include the contract price from your telco if you did not buy it on full retail price), why can’t something that costs only US$57? (Or 456 if you include the price of a 64Gb iPod touch)

  8. this is a brand new concept, a brand new product. one would be very surprisd if it had no flaws on the first go, especially for just 57 USD.

    the point of this excercise is clearly allow people who cant afford the real thing have a taste of what it is like to have an iphone. so what is the point of saying you are better off with the real thing? its like saying the camero is not as good as the corvette you better get the real thing…

    all its faults currently seem to be software, if it takes off i am sure future updates will address them.

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