Samsung’s dual touchscreen patent could change tablets, again

samsung-dual-screen-touch Samsung’s dual touchscreen patent could change tablets, again
Samsung's patent shows a front and back screen being manipulated by touch commands

We’ve been inundated with the iPad and its multitouch capabilities. It has made for a slew of apps utilizing the technology, and now, we are to prepare for the next-generation of tablet computing – a future of double touchscreens, one on the front, and one on the back.

The patent filed with the USPTO describes a “Mobile terminal having dual touch screen and method of controlling content therein”. It’s unclear whether content will be displayed on both screens, but from the sounds of the patent the rear screen function to detect touch events for whatever applications will utilize such features.

We are expecting a Galaxy android tablet, and since this device is still a ways away, the double touch patent could be for future designs to come. Or perhaps not at all.

The New Scientist video below shows a similar technology prototype in use.

UnWired Review via Electronista

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