Rumors call for an updated iPhone, smaller iPad, touchscreen shuffle and more

iPad mockup of a 7-inch iPad mini version against the standard 9.7-inch

It seems that Apple has a huge slate of new toys for us coming down the chute, and many of them have already been leaked on the Internet. Do you want to get a smaller iPad or perhaps a new iPod shuffle with a touchscreen? You’ve got it.

On the iPod front, we’re expecting a complete refresh either this month or next. The most notable, perhaps, is the replacement for the iPod shuffle that’ll feature a 1.7-inch touchscreen. The updated iPod touch, with or without a camera, may have a 3-inch touchscreen, which is actually half an inch smaller than the iPhone 4. There’ll be a new nano too.

For the Apple iPad, it seems that a smaller version is in the works and the announcement could come late this year or early next year. The proposed iPad mini prototype, as it stands, will have a seven-inch touchscreen.

What about the iPhone? It’s possible that an iPhone 5, so to speak, will be launched as soon as early 2011 to address the “antennagate” or “death grip” problem in the iPhone 4. They’re also reportedly working on a cheaper version of the bumper case to offset some of those unexpected “free” bumpers they had to give away.


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  1. godmode says:

    Well, Apple DID mention (someone at apple did) that there were going to be a slew of new toys this year. So we got the iPad, the iP4, likely the new iPod-T, and I am sure a new Nano and Shuffle as well.

    If Apple gives us a smaller iPad (likely to lower the price point?) and give us a family of products to choose from… I could see myself jumping into that pool. But, if we see a touch nano… OoooooooH. Or a shuffle? Sweet. Big time. Let’er rip.

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