Motorola Flipout square phone at Rogers for $30


rogers-motorola-flipout-02 Motorola Flipout square phone at Rogers for $30The oddly shaped cube mobile phone form factor is back, this time its on Rogers Wireless and Motorola is giving it a run with an Android 2.1 phone. Nokia gave it a shot with the X5, although we only heard of an Indonesian release, perhaps they weren’t brave enough to try it on other markets. I personally use the LG Lotus, most people say “that’s neat” when they see it, I love it. I just like it for its compactness, while still having a full QWERTY keyboard tucked inside. It’s also durable as hell, I drop the thing almost every day on concrete. I’ve always favored a clamshell phone over candybar, so I could see this Motorola Flipout being a great handset to use so long as the flip mechanism is sturdy, and the plastic casing is durable. Not many companies make aftermarket cases and holders for the square phone form.

The Flipout features a 2.8-inch touch screen, 3-megapixel camera, GPS, MOTOBLUR, and comes with a Stereo Headset, Data Cable, 2 GB MicroSD Card with plenty of room for tunes. $30 on a 3-year term with Rogers or, $375 without one.

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