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Clearwire iSpot enables WiMax hotspots from an iPhone, iPod and iPad

Yes, the new iPhone 4 is pretty hot. So is the iPod touch and the iPad. However, none of them offer you the blazing speeds afforded by WiMAX. To get that, you just may want to pick up the new iSpot from Clear. This handy little MiFi-esque device can latch onto that super speedy 4G WiMAX network (if your area has it) and translate that connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices for 4-5 hours. In effect, you can have an iPhone 4G and not just an iPhone 4, so to speak.

The regular price for Clear’s iSpot is $99 and it’ll be officially launching on August 10. If you get in your pre-order today, however, they’ll knock 70% off the price and sell it to you for just $29 (today only). Better yet, the monthly plan is just $25 for unlimited 4G data and that’s without a contract.

The kicker is that the $25 plan only limits you to Apple devices like the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. The iSpot will actually detect whether it’s an Apple product or not. Alternatively, you can bump up to the $40/month plan and use that 4G WiMAX service for anything with WiFi.

iSpot [Gizmodo]



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